Membership Monday is currently accepting a limited number of new partners. This enables us to provide the best service possible to hundreds of organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. In addition to enhancing the monthly webinars and free retention and development consultations, we are preparing to launch several exciting new programs in 2018. In the meantime, here is a partial review of the current partner benefits:

Individual weekly copies of Membership Monday – Sent to all designated chamber staff recipients – Add or update staff names at any time.

Free support – part of your Membership Monday subscription includes one hour (two hours for second year subscribers – three for third year) of free personalized consultation and support for you or your membership development and retention team, board members and volunteers.

Conference call/webinar training – Up to eight free conference calls/webinars each month, providing essential training on new member development, sponsorship, past dues, retention and much more.

Forums – Join your chamber peers in an informal forum via conference call. Discuss ideas, challenges and best practices with other professionals throughout North America.

Price Lock Guarantee – As the benefits and value of partnership increase, your annual renewal cost will never go up. It is my way of saying thank you for your loyal support.

Chamber Exchange Program – Compendium of Chamber Letters – Every so often, a new letter will be collected and distributed, i.e., past due letter, drop letter and so on, ultimately building a complete compendium of letters that is updated on a regular basis and distributed to all Membership Monday partners who choose to participate.

Prospect alerts – As a ChamberMax/Membership Monday partner, sign up to receive special alerts on companies and industries that are joining chambers across the U.S. and Canada. Sometimes, this information is so hot it just can’t wait until Monday morning!

Chamber benefits review – Send me samples of your chamber membership materials and I will provide a free overview with ideas, thoughts and suggestions on how to best sell your programs to new member prospects.

Confidentiality – Anything ever discussed or reviewed with me is always held in the strictest confidence. Your trust in me is one of the values I hold most dear.